Marine Plexi Renovator PADXPRESS Ø80


New product

Brings back the transparence and shine to your portholes, windscreen and any other plexiglass or polycarbonate part.


- Quick and simple to use in just 1 application.

-Sans ponçage ni vernis.

-No sanding or varnishing.

-Joint protection not necessary.

-Plexi renovator to treat a 2-3 m2 plexiglass or polycarbonate surface.

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49,90 €tax incl.

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Adapter plate [Ø80] included.


Your plexiglass surfaces rust, get yellow and reduce visibility over time which makes it more difficult to drive and fully enjoy
your boat.
No more troubles linked to poor conditions of plexiglass with our special plexi and polycarbonate renovator. It brings back
transparency and shine to your portholes, windscreen and any other polycarbonate part in record time.
The excellent deoxidating qualities of our product make it the ideal solution for effortlessly bringing your plexiglass back to
life as there’s no more need for pre-sanding or varnishing.


1 . Place the buffer pad on the polisher, drill or wrench at a maximum operating speed of 1500 rev./min.
2 . Apply the buffer pad to the plexiglass or polycarbonate part to be polished when clean and dry.
3 . Put vertical pressure on the buffer pad to release the product from the reservoir and work in slow movements.
4 . Depending on the desired result, add more product by stopping the polisher, adding vertical pressure to the buffer
pad and reworking in slow movements.
5 . Test with a cotton cloth as soon as the plexiglass or polycarbonate seems transparent.
6 . To remove deep scratches, use a types 3000 abrasive and re-polish for more transparency.


- It’s best to protect clothing and use gloves during application. do not swallow. avoid all contact with the eyes.
- Do not pour any residue into the sewage.
- Dispose of the buffer pad at an authorised collection centre.
- Do not use the buffer pad for anything other than the intended use.
- It’s best to keep the buffer pad in a dry place away from the light and use it within 12 months after opening.

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