MECACYL HJE - Special valve formula

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Hyper-Lubricant - Special Injector Protection - Petrol Engines.

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MECACYL HJE hyper-lubricant was formulated to protect valves in petrol engines and injection systems as a complement to MECACYL CR. Its immediate effectiveness makes it an exceptional product for petrol engine protection.

The use of the MECACYL HJE hyper-lubricant has the following effects:

- Limited injector fouling.

- Protects injection and fuel circuits, valves and petrol injectors.

- Silent operation.

- Helps pass anti-pollution inspections.

- Helps switch to unleaded petrol.

- Combustion chamber cleaning.

Data sheet
Product nameHJE
Type of productHyper-Lubricant
Product colourGreen
AdvantagesClean combustion, Silent injection operation, Lubricates valves, Limits temp, Reduces exhaust smoke, Injection circuit maintenance and cleanliness, Limits pollution and helps pass technical inspections, Balances out idleness (motorbikes), Anti-freeze protection
Types of usesBoats, Bulldozer, Van, Motorhomes, Loaders, Carriages, Conveyors, Trimmers, Dumpers, Lifts, Mowers, Crane, Jet Skis, Go-Karts, Forklifts, Harvester-Threshing machines, Motorbikes, Cultivators, Snow bikes, Fishing boats, Tooling, Excavators, Oil tankers, Dollies, Lorries, Container ships, Quads, RORO vessels, Scooters, Sport vehicles, Lawnmowers, Tractors, Pallet Truck, Winch, Chainsaw, Classic cars, Hybrid vehicles, Light vehicles, Non-licensed vehicles, Utility vehicles, Sailling boats, Freighters, Yachts
Engine type2-speed, 4-Speed, Bioethanol, Petrol, LPG, Hybrid
Used forPetrol protection and cleaning
Frequency of use

One 20ml bottle every 15 / 20,000km

Instructions for use
  1.        Use Mécacyl HJE around 2,000 km after an oil change with Mécacyl CR and vice versa.
  2.        Always blend well when refuelling.
  3.        Pour Mécacyl HJE, alternating it with the diesel oil to blend it well when refuelling. The engine must be hot; in other words, at operating temperature.
WarrantyThe set of hyper-lubricants MECACYL is assured by the company AXA, The manufacturer warranty is protected

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