Disinfectant Mobile Screen Protector


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Antibacterial Screen Protector Liquid: Inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Universal Liquid Crystal Mobile Screen Protector (9H).

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Crystaltech Nano adds a very thin layer of pure glass to the screen of any device, increasing its resistance to scratches, making it easier to clean and giving it bacteriostatic properties.

- Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Protection.
- Invisible - Universal - 9H HARDNESS.
- Scratch resistant.
- Easy to clean: Reduces fingerprints and splash marks.
- Antibacterial: Inhibits the growth of bacteria.
- Anti-Smudge.
- Completely invisible.
- Easy to apply: No bubbles or overlapping plastic.
- Works on any type of screen, even smart watches.


En 5 sencillos pasos su móvil estará completamente protegido.

  • Limpiar la pantalla de su dispositivo con la toallita.

  • Secar la pantalla con la toallita de microfibra.

  • Aplicar CrystalTech Nano de forma circular sobre la pantalla. Dejar secar 5 minutos.

  • Dejar actuar 5 minutos Crystaltech Nano sobre la pantalla.

  • Frote la pantalla con la toallita de microfibra durante unos 60 segundos y estará listo para utilizar el dispositivo.

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