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Ewincher, when maneuvering becomes a pleasure.

With the electric winch handle Ewincher, you don't change anything about the way you sail and you can perform one maneuver after another, regardless of your physical condition, your age or your strength.

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Three modes of operation.
- Assisted mode: Ewincher does the work while you adopt the ideal position for winching.
- Manual mode: traditional crank handle available at all times to make adjustments.
- Manual mode + assistance: 80 rpm + crew member’s speed for exceptional hauling speeds.

Gradual rotation from 15 to 80 rpm.
- Quick execution during maneuvers.
- Fine-tuning possible in assisted mode.

Torque of 80 nm and power of 350 W.
- Works with all sail maneuvers (boats up to 50ft, P < 18 m).
- Corresponds to 32 kg on the grip (standard 250 mm handle).

Waterproof, with a locking system.
- Can withstand heavy seas: certified IPX6.
- Keeps the handle from falling out or getting lost.
- Practical: you can leave the handle on the winch.

Weighs 2.2 kg and ergonomic.
- Controls at your fingertips, designed to be in the ideal position on the winch.
- "Palm grip" knob for excellent grip.
- 250 mm interaxial distance: the size of a standard handle.

24V Lithium battery with a 3000 mah capacity.
- Sufficient battery life for a full-day outing.
- Example of use in 15-knot winds on a 40-ft craft:
Hoist the main sail 3 times.
Put up and stow the genoa 12 times.
Put up the spinnaker 3 times.
- Battery full time charge: 1H30
- Charge with the service batteries: 1.5 to 2% of the capacity of a 370 Ah battery bank.

A Connected object
- Ewincher is self-sufficient and doesn’t require a smartphone to be used.
- You have the possibility to track your usage in real time on your smartphone: battery.
charge, duration and number of uses and many other information...
- No risk of breaking anything: adapt the maximum torque to the user and the boat.


Altura: 288mm
Anchura: 355mm
Profundidad: 66mm
Peso:  2,2 kg.
Batería de Li-Ion de: 25.2V
Velocidad de rotación: 15 a 80 rpm
Par de torsión (rpm): Hasta 80 Nm

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