From New Zealand to Galicia, in Cleansailing we are natives of the world of yachts and we want to convey our years of experience and dedication to solving the problems that arise in navigation, during winter storage and maintenance of ships.

We in the team Cleansailing accumulate tens of thousands of miles through all kinds of seas and conditions. As the masters of blues music say, we have paid our debts, because we know that to get those precious days of sailing have to go through what we call the "marine purgatory".

Each product has a long history behind it. And today we want to share the accumulated learning of our adventures and failures, offering the best products for each of the most common problems.

We further propose customized solutions and advise our clients to a more peaceful and durable navigation.

Our commitment is to help minimize difficulties with simple, surprising and solutions that respect the environment.

Because we know sailing is just a game of chance when you're not prepared.

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